The Best Performing Car Care/Maintenance Blog of 2019.

Here it is the best performing car care/maintenance blog of 2019. This is probably quite appropriate as it is summer here in Australia and the blog that has the honour of being our best is a summer tips based blog.

The 5 important summer vehicle checks blog is one I put together to help you as a car owner/driver to have a less eventful and more enjoyable summer in your car. This also happened to be only the second ever blog that I had written, since then I have now written over 40 blog posts of varying length on a variety of subjects.

The tips covered in this blog are the cooling system, the battery, tyres, wiper blades and air conditioner. whilst the tips in this article are all very important, they are not the only only areas of car care and maintenance that you need to keep an eye on, to find out other areas of you car to look after check out the other blogs in the car care blog section in the menu above.

To view the best performing car care/maintenance blog post of 2019 click the following link.

Check back in tomorrow where we begin the countdown of the three best performing adventure blog posts of 2019. Until then Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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